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Yup, that’s what they tell me, my right hip is shot and I WILL need a hip replacement. 33 years old and most likely going to have to give up my ultra running career. I have FAI (impingements in both hips), although the left one is only starting and not as bad. A labrum tear and cyst in the right and arthritis in both L as well as arthritis in my pubic bone. Nooooo this isn’t from running ultras (although the constant movement doesn’t help), it’s actually from when I was a child and the luck of the draw.

What is FAI, basically boney things that stick up and rub and rub and rub, and wear down your cartilage until you have nothing and then cysts form. So here I am again, fighting against the odds with yet another health problem. I can’t decide if God wants me to keep fighting or back off, but anyone that knows me knows that I like to live life to the fullest, and although balance is key, my balance beam seems to be a bit higher than others.

SO MOMMA’S LISTEN UP!.. Although I believe in balance, and I am in no way discouraging children from being active, I am simply saying keep the balance. My parents did this, they certainly didn’t let me run road ultras when I was child, but we had a farm and I was very active in all types of sports. My bones grew incorrectly. Not their fault, but I would suggest those parents allowing kids to do long distances in running or any other high impact sports to educate themselves a bit more on it. Doctors tell me that they are seeing this more and more in athletes as early as 20…

My options:

1. Do nothing, literally nothing (that’s healthy ;) , the rubbing will continue as soon as I move, so I will need a hip replacement anyways.

2. PRP, injections, etc… may buy me a few months but won’t fix the anatomy or the problem, it will only cover it up and even then it’s a high chance I will totally blow the hip and need a replacement right away. Why is this bad, because you can’t even hike right or play with your children as you would want to with a hip replacement.

3. Surgery to buy myself some time. As mentioned above, I WILL have to have a hip replacement. The surgery will shave down the impingement and “clean out” the joint area possibly buying me more time to compete. Not necessarily in ultras (yeah that is a tough one, the chances of this are slim but still totally possible once in a while), so will be looking for a new sport. My new sports will most likely be cycling, mountain biking, possibly triathlon, and if if the hips are doing well, obstacle course. DON’T take me wrong, I still have faith (so does the doc) that I MAY have a few ultras left in me after surgery… even as soon as 3-4 months post- surgery. The kicker, it may only last a few years before I need my hip replacement or at best 15. I plan on running RUN RABBIT RUN 100 mile. Even if the doc told me I only had one ultra left and I didn’t need surgery, this race means the most to me. I enjoy the course more than any other course I have ever run. I hope that it won’t be the last time I run it (or maybe I already ran it for the last time), but it may just be my last ultra or run before retirement.

I have chosen immediate surgery. A hard decision to make, since I was training for a life- long dream come true to race in Australia next month… and not to mention redemption in Western States in June. The surgery will take place right away Monday. Prayers are appreciated and if you live in the area and are good with kids or pups, help is needed! Thank you all for your continued support as I take on these life challenges!

BIG THANKS.. Ultimate Direction, GU Energy, Sundog Eyewear, Icespike, Eldorado Springs Water,MojoFit

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