July 29th - August 1st 2021

Rugged Running - THE CAMP is a personal (only 12 campers), fun, learning experience of a lifetime with Michele Yates as your coach. The campsite is nestled in the Gunnison National Forest. Campers will gain essential knowledge in hill, speed, nutrition, mobility and strength disciplines. The warmth and crackling of the fire pit will help form new memories, sum up the days guidance and create an ambiance to take in the star covered sky. 


Want to see what Rugged Running THE CAMP is all about? Watch the camp video to learn how the idea of the camp came about, what the camp covers and see some of the landscape and views you get to enjoy while at camp.

If you still are not sure if this camp is for you watch the videos in the Camper's Review section to hear from past camp attendees and their thoughts on the camp experience.

Videos By: Marlo Films




Rugged is rooted in Michele Yates. As host of the camp, Michele requested a rugged campsite complete with tents, portable toilets and tent showers in the most serene, breath-taking place, Gunnison National Forest.


Tents, cots to sleep on, sleeping bags, pillows, portable toilets, tent showers, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), water, coffee, other limited beverages, medical, free night stay (if needed) in our home in Conifer/Pine area for those flying/driving in out.  


SWAG for Campers: Rugged Running- The Camp T-Shirt, Personalized Folder with all material covered at the camp. Giveaways from sponsors such as Ultimate Direction, Icespike, Drymax.


The Camp covers various techniques and form for uphill and downhill running, drills for strength and power, as well as dynamic lead ups for speed and leg turnover. Mobility sessions for flexibility and recovery are included with attention to daily and race nutrition too. Personal goal setting, gait analysis and individual attention will be emphasized.


Permitting fees, insurance, supplies, food, equipment and adequate medical requirements are part of what makes this camp happen. The Cost - $800

*$300 to reserve your spot at camp. Balance due no later than May 1st.



Day 1: Thursday

4:00pm: Meet n' Greet  
5:00pm: Easy "get to know one another" Shake Out Run/Hike. 
6:00pm: Dinner
6:30pm-8:30pm: Brief Individual Meetings with Michele (goals, experience, etc.) 
Campfire Fun and Bed Time

Day 2: Friday

6:15am: Snacks, Coffee & Tea
7:00am: Warm Up, Speed Drills, Dynamic Lead Ups

8:00am: Video shots of gaits for gait analysis
8:30am: Breakfast
9:00am: Nutrition Clinic/Snack
10:30am: Trail Run
1:00pm: Lunch

*Free Time
3:30pm: Strength & Mobility Exercises for Common Injuries 
6:30pm: Dinner 
Campfire Fun and Bed Time

Day 3: Saturday

6:15am: Snacks, Coffee & Tea
7:00am: Warm Up Speed Drills, Dynamic Lead ups, Uphill/Downhill Technique and Form and Power Drills 
9:00am: Breakfast

10:15am: Group Hike/Hill Run Mt. Tilton
2:00pm: Lunch & Snacks
2:30pm: Individual follow up meetings with Michele

*Free Time
7:00pm: Dinner

Questions and Answers with Michele around the campfire 

Day 4: Sunday

6:15am: Snacks, Coffee & Tea
7:00am: Trail Run (1-3 hours depending on your schedule)
8:00am - 10:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: Last minute questions
11:00am: End of Camp


Camp Location
Fun Times!
Nights by the camp fire
Mountain Trail Runs
Sleeping Quarters
Run above treeline
Group Runs
Camp Location
View from Mt. Tilton Trail
View from Mt. Tilton Trail
Dorchester Campground View
View of Sawatch Range
Dorchester Campground View
Mt. Tilton Trailhead
2016 Camp - Drills
2016 Camp - Drills
2016 Camp
Personal Instruction
2016 Camp - Nutrition Instruction
Tent Setup
Portable Toilets and Showers
Camp Food Tents

Operating under a Special Use Permit on the GMUG National Forest.
Rugged Running is an equal opportunity service provider.