Team Rugged Running Ambassadors is a group of individuals that epitomize what it means to be a Rugged Runner. These individuals dream big regardless of what people around them may think of their dream. They know it is their dream and they truly believe they can achieve it. They love a challenge and push themselves past any perceived limits they may have had, in order to reach their full potential. They meet adversity head on and overcome it, no matter how long it might take them. They love the challenge of working toward their dreams and goals.


A Rugged Running sponsorship that includes free coaching for the year. We will be taking applications for 2020 year until November 2nd, 2019. Winner will be announced by December 1st 2019. 


To nominate someone, email us here. Please include the following: your name, email, phone number, nominee name, email, phone number and why you feel this person is so deserving of this. 

Ideal candidates would be those less fortunate or who cannot afford luxuries, who have a love and passion for running.  Maybe a single parent, college student who didn't make the running team, etc..