Anna Hailey

Tioga, Texas

My name is Anna Hailey, and I'm originally from New York. Currently I live in Tioga, Texas with my husband and 5 year old daughter. I am an animal veterinarian with a mobile practice. 


Running provides an outlet for me. I love to set new goals/challenges to focus on. With Michele's help, I have achieved a PR at the marathon, 50k and 50 mile and completed my first 100 mile. I love being a part of the Rugged Running community!

 Brie Staker

Sandpoint, Idaho

My name is Brie Staker and I’ve been running for over 26 years. I found Michele through recommendation from a friend who was training with her. While I’ve been running and racing for most of my life working with Michele has been a total game changer. Since working with her I finished as second place female in a marathon and recently as 3rd place female in my age group at a trail 50K. Michele’s holistic approach to training coupled with her strong confidence in me has boosted my running to a whole new level. I can’t wait to see what’s next with Michele!


I live in northern Idaho on a mini-ranch with my husband and our two dogs (along with a barn full of turkeys, chickens, and goats)! I love cooking and baking and learning the importance of food and nutrition in overall health and wellness. In my down time I enjoy a good book, yoga, or just chilling on the deck in the sunshine with good friends.

Carol Rice​

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hi, I'm Carol Rice, 32 years old, and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I was born and raised in TX and have always loved being active! Growing up, I played basketball, judo, and track, but after college my fitness had declined so much I couldn't even run a mile. Eventually, I did Crossfit for 2 years to regain my strength. Then in 2015, I really began running more as an outlet and I've loved the lifestyle ever since! I went on to run 12 half marathons in one year, but then had to have my thyroid removed for thyroid cancer. Eventually, I recovered my running fitness again to run my first marathon, an ultra Ragnar relay, and more than a dozen obstacle course races. I've had some injuries but since working with Michele, I've finally been able to recover stronger and faster than before! 


I love running because it just makes me feel alive and good! Working an office job, I crave the movement. That training run out on the trails is freedom, exploration, peaceful, adventure, and a break from both the routine of work and stresses of everyday life. Running provides mental clarity, physical fitness, amazing friendships within the community, race travel adventures, and goals so you're always growing! 


My favorite running trail is Barr Trail and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 

Chris Bull

Loveland, Colorado

Hi my name is Chris.  I live in Loveland, Colorado.  I have been trail running for 6 years.  Prior to that, I did a lot of long distance bike events along with enjoying the mountains in any other way I could find.  I have been part of the amazing Rugged Running family for 4 years now and couldn't ask for a better group of people to enjoy my running with.  The coaching and guidance from Michele Yates has been priceless.  I have completed many 50K and 50 mile races, along with some shorter distances also.  My longest race has been 100K.  My goals are always set high.  I hope to finish a 100 mile race this year, and with such a amazing group and coach, I have no doubt this will be the year I do it.

Jeni Goodwin

Chicago, Illinois

I'm Jeni Goodwin from Chicago, Illinois.  I'm an example of an every day runner that has to work hard to do what I love.  With the help of Rugged Running and Michele, I'm able to set big goals and push hard to achieve them.  Trails are my happy place and I think the 50 mile distance is my favorite.  When I'm not running, I ride horses, read books, and work as a professional development consultant for an educational technology company.  

Jodi Badershall

Freeman Township, Maine

I am a middle school science teacher in western Maine. I was never runner growing up. I always thought I would earn buckles as a cowgirl not an ultra runner. I started to run to deal with stress as an adult and when my father was sick it was my outlet. It became the time I could let my emotions out, cry, scream and run. After he passed, I decided to run a marathon in his memory and to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. It was supposed to be a one and done deal. That was 14 years ago! After my first trail marathon, I was hooked and kept pushing to take on longer and tougher races. My most challenging being the Moab 240 in 2018. Running has lead me to explore amazing places and make great friends along the way. My hip issue led me to Michele and she has been a godsend. She has quickly become not only my coach but someone I consider to be a best friend. I had my hip surgery this past Wednesday and seeing all Michele has accomplished after her surgeries will continue to get me through this challenge both mentally and physically.

Mark Gallagher

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One night during January of 2005, I had the thought I'd go for run. Needless to say it was everything but graceful. Despite it being hard, a switch had been flipped. I loved being outside and watching the world around me move. 


In 2011 I decided to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon. By mile 11 I knew I had found something special with longer distances. Immediately following that event, I registered for a 50 mile race in Philadelphia. 


Until 2013 I had never considered running on trails. While on a hike in Alaska, some mud covered runners passed me ,and I knew I had to see what this trail running thing was all about. I registered for The North Face Marathon in NYC. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done, but I was sold. 


Since that time I have run roads and trail distances ranging from 5k's to 24 hour events. With Michele's help I have excelled beyond all of my goals, and  PR'd in every distance. I'm excited to join the ambassador team and represent Rugged Running!

Matt Collins

Littleton, CO 

Hello, I’m Matt, I’m 35 and live in Littleton, Colorado. I was born and raised in Colorado, but did not start running trails until I was 30 after my wife brought me into the trail running loop. I’ve always loved the wilderness and being outside, and trail running has been a new avenue for me to connect with nature. Running ultra marathons has fueled my competitive fire and challenged me in ways that I didn’t know was possible, both physically and mentally. I believe that running provides perpetual opportunities to discover new depths within yourself, and I love trying to push the bar higher each time. 

In the short time of running ultra marathons my favorite race so far has been the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile; however, although not a race, one of my all-time favorite runs is the Grand Canyon R2R2R. Growing up in Colorado there are so many trails that I love to be on, especially for training, but my “go-to” trails around the Denver-Front Range area are the Turkey Trot and Castle Trails of Mt. Falcon Park, and I especially love the challenging, but continuous trail options at Golden Gate State Park.  A little farther away from the front range I particularly enjoy just about any run along the Colorado Trail (especially around Kenosha Pass), as well as the Continental Divide Trail (You’ll find me running up Jones Pass to the CDT often).

Mattie Diveglia

Havertown, PA

Hi there! I am Mattie, a 42 year old SAHM mom of two young boys. I love running everywhere - trails, roads, tracks, even the treadmill occasionally, but the woods are my favorite. I have run trail distances from 10k-50 miles, and look forward to running more 50 mile races in the next few years.  


With the help of Michele, I was able to qualify and run Boston in 2019. I am still working on my marathon strategy, but I prefer racing trails. It’s so inspiring to be part of a running community that accomplishes such huge things; I look forward to seeing where my running can take me with Michele and Rugged Running.

Megan Moriarty

Lawrence, KS

I live in Lawrence, Kansas. I’m a born-and-bred Kansan, but I try to get out to Colorado as much as I can because I love the mountains. I am an active member of local our trail running club, the Lawrence Trail Hawks. I'm the coordinator for our Saturday morning group run, I frequently volunteer and do trail work, and I also co-direct a couple of our club's trail race events. I work as a public relations strategist for a national medical association in Kansas City, so I commute daily and have lots of time for listening to podcasts about trail running and ultramarathons. 


I caught the running bug about 9 years ago while training for a triathlon. I started off running on roads and built up to and ran 3 road marathons (Detroit x2 and Chicago). I enjoyed the personal challenge, but once I discovered trails I never looked back. I love getting out in nature!  There's something really therapeutic about getting out into the trees and spending some time connecting with the elements. I’m a back-of-the-pack runner and love the challenge of endurance running for the self-discovery that it facilitates, and for mental health. I'm a firm believer that running can be a great tool for battling stress, anxiety and depression. While running can't replace therapy, it's an excellent complement to seeking mental health treatment and working through whatever it is that needs to be managed. I love that no matter what you're going through or what season of life you're in, there are benefits and healing to be found through movement. And even better - Rugged Runners support, encourage and cheer each other on as we pursue our goals. That has meant so much to me, and I'm really grateful for Michele and this community. 


I first learned about Michele on a podcast and connected with her on social media. I really appreciate that Michele's approach to coaching includes strength training, mobility and nutrition. I've learned a lot from her when it comes to race fueling and hydration. I’ve completed 4 marathons (3 road, 1 trail), 4 50k-distance trail ultras and 2 50-mile ultras. I've been training under Michele for 5 years and during that time I’ve achieved 2 50k PR times, as well as a new personal distance record (50 miles). I’ve run my first trail race in Colorado, and I’m working up to my next challenge - finishing my first 100k!

Melinda Coen 

Morristown, NJ

My name is Melinda Coen, I am 34 years old and currently live in Morristown, NJ.  I'm a lifelong runner that enjoys pushing my limits and trying to excel in all sorts of different distance races both on the road and the trail.  For the past several years my focus has been on trail ultra marathons, but it’s not uncommon to see me at a road race, whether it’s a 1 mile race or a marathon.  However, given the choice I’d almost always pick a ridgeline trail with a view. 


As a mother of 2 small boys, including an infant and an active 3 year old, I find my training helps me to be a better mother and a better version of myself. I’m looking forward to getting back into racing after having my second son in Sept of 2019 and will be focusing on consistency, rebuilding strength and fitness, and enjoying the miles and kinship of racing while continuing to chase my running goals and dreams.

Melissa Trolene​

Fort Collins, CO

I am Melissa Trolene and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. After being a classic ballet dancer in my youth, I ran intermittently in early adulthood. I stumbled into trail running and “fell hard” a few years ago and never looked back to the roads. I thrive on running in nature throughout the seasons and with friends of all abilities.

Since my first 50K, HAT in Havre de Grace, MD, I have many more 50ks, a few 50 milers, and a 100k.With Michele’s coaching last year, I was able to achieve the 3-year long goal of running the Laurel Highlands 70.5M under the cutoff to get my first Western States Lottery ticket. I travel frequently up and down the East Coast to race, crew, and pace friends but am eager to see more of the West Coast trails.


When I’m not racing, I am an active volunteer in the running community locally and regionally at aid stations as well as medical volunteering. My husband and I enjoy camping and hiking which also gives me more time on the trails. Though our schedules don’t allow us to have dogs, we have three rabbits who help with physical therapy and yoga sessions. I love my job as a nurse working twelve-hour shifts- it builds endurance for long races and allow for 20 miles runs on random Tuesdays.

Nicci Corradino

Littleton, CO

Hi I'm Nicci, a mom, wife, runner, and business women from Littleton, Colorado. I've accomplished some speedy marathons and within the last year or so I've been pursuing the trails and ultra marathons. 

Samantha de la Vega

Portland, OR

I began running at an early age because it provided me with respite from the challenges of a life on the move with little or no supervision, and the consistent theme kept me grounded. I first joined the high school cross-country team in Connecticut, and later ran multiple times a day to keep myself entertained when I moved at 14 to the desert city of Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico. Today, my favorite courses are remote mountain runs that give me a sense of freedom from the daily grind and challenge me as mountains tend to do. Describing myself as a “mediocre ultrarunner with a love of natural stoke,” my enjoyment of trail running provides freedom from my demanding career in the tech industry and brings me back to center with the community of like-minded trail runners I call my friends.

Suzanne Collins

Littleton, CO

Hello I am Suzanne, I’m 36 and live in Littleton, CO. I love all things outside, I am passionate about trails and wildlife conservation. I enjoy spending time outside and exploring new trails.

I’m a mom to a very active 2 year old and a supportive wife to a husband who also loves to run as well. I also work full time and know all about balancing life along with trying to fit in workouts and family time.

I’ve been working with Michele since 2015 and I have learned a lot about training and balance. The last three years have been the most trying years for me with learning to come back from a pelvis fracture caused by pregnancy hormones. There has been many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and not want to continue to run, but I’ve had the love and support from Michele to keep pushing and get back to pain free running.

I don’t race as much as my husband Matt, but I do try and race 2 races a year and I typically crew and volunteer at other races. My goal is to complete a 50k again in 2020 and explore another challenging 27k.