Founded in 2012 by elite runner and professional trainer and coach, Michele Yates, Rugged Running was formed as a way to provide runners successful training programs that focused on our unique approach of consistent time and effort based running workouts combined with proper strength, mobility and running drill sessions to enable runners to achieve their full potential.


As Rugged Running has grown our product offerings have expanded to be able to impact more runners and build meaningful relationships with a community of runners that support each other in reaching their goals. The results speak for themselves; having served over 350 runners through personalized coaching and running camps we currently have a 97% success rate for clients achieving their personal bests in running!

Rug-ged (rug'id) adj.

:having a rough uneven surface

:turbulent, stormy

:rough and strong in character

:presenting a severe test of ability, stamina or resolution

:strongly built or constituted

We all have our rough edges. We all have been or will have something happen or done to us that will test us. We all battle that little voice in our head that says, “Am I enough”. Am I enough as a person, spouse, friend, parent, co-worker, athlete, runner….and the list goes on. At Rugged Running, we are here to say that YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are RUGGED! You have the ability and the stamina to achieve whatever goals or dreams you set out to run after! You are strongly built and can weather whatever storm this life throws at you!


We are a community of rugged people, joining arms to become the best Rugged Runners we can be! We train smart under the guidance of professional coaches, work hard, and celebrate each other’s victories together. Join the TEAM and become a RUGGED RUNNER!


Founded by Michele Yates


Launched Ambassador Program


Implemented Running App & Resource Library for Clients


First Running Camp in CO


Launched Weekend Bootcamps


Launched Group Training Programs




With open hearts we create a community that is rooted in meaningful relationships.


We take initiative with energy and enthusiasm.


With integrity we will guide others to prosperity.


We have the determination to overcome any challenge.

We exist to empower runners to achieve their personal best through effective training methods and a strong caring community.